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Find out How to Outlive a Rude Neighbor

Nowadays, you can easily find rental apartments lexington for a cheap price. That being sad, the risk of finding a rude neighbor is very high since most of the apartments are located in big condos. If you are struggling with a rude neighbor who sings in the middle of the night or have parties on Mondays, you should follow these simple suggestions on how to handle him or her.

When you started visiting luxury apartments lexington ky, you probably couldn’t think that renting one of those would mean spending your nights awake, listening to your neighbor’s screaming in the bath. Once you rented the apartment there is nothing you can do to move out on such a short notice, but you can definitely find a way to handle your neighbor. The first thing to do is to get to know the other neighbors. They are probably living in the building longer than you and they might know how to handle the loud neighbor. Simply smiling at them in the elevator, could build the basis for a good relationship. This isn’t yet the time to handle the situation but this will allow you to casually collect information about the noisy neighbor.

If you simply mention that you couldn’t sleep last night, some of the neighbors might agree on that and you might get to talk about the situation. Also, remember that you should always be polite. There are many vacant apartments lexington ky but you don’t want your neighbors to think badly of you on the first days. After a little bit, when you got acquainted with everyone, it is time to approach the problem with the other neighbors. They probably already know how to handle him/her so the first and easiest thing to do is ask them.

When living in apartments in lexington, you might also have a doorman who knows for sure any of the neighbors and every detail about them. Asking him about the noisy neighbor is also a great idea; thereby you can get a big picture on whom you are fighting against. Once you talked it out with the neighbors and the doorman, it is time to approach the issue directly to the loud neighbor. Simply knock on his or her door and introduce yourself as the new neighbor. Once you two got acquainted, you could politely address the issue, saying that you couldn’t get much sleep, that you are tired or some other thing like that. You shouldn’t get angry yet because maybe he or she didn’t do that on purpose. If you immediately get angry, he or she will get defensive and you two won’t solve the problem. Most have the times he or she apologizes and things like this never happen anymore.

Also remember that you should respect the etiquette, too. Try to not make any noise after midnight and keep it quiet during the working days is good way to gain the respect of your neighbors.

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