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Is Las Vegas Real Estate A Good Investment Opportunity?

Is Las Vegas real estate a good investment opportunity? The housing market of almost every city got hit hard a decade ago, and many have not even come close to recovering to their previous levels of value, much less surpassed them given the time passed. However, many experts and those in the industry and its many sectors widely consider Las Vegas to have gotten hit the worst.

Given that, you might wonder if there are opportunities to be had here. Looking over the available listings of buildable lots and even existing homes, there are quite a few options on the market that are either not selling or priced very competitively.

If you’re looking into something like commercial or industrial and warehouse real estate, you might be able to start a business or lease out the space to one. Las Vegas makes almost all of its tax revenue off of the casinos, so tax rates are either low or nonexistent for corporations and the employees of them.

Of course, it’s also possible to buy Las Vegas homes. You can either flip them and sell them to luxury buyers looking for a nice home to live in, or you can rent them out on something like Airbnb. Millions of Americans would love to travel to Vegas sometime for a vacation, but they might not want to stay in a hotel if they can rent a home in the suburbs instead.

Given the recent mass murder from a high-rise hotel room, many tourists are likely to be even more inclined to stay off the Strip and out in residential neighborhoods instead. While investigations are ongoing at the time of writing, and security measures are likely to be implemented by the hotels, the incident is bound to impact tourism here for some time to come.

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